Caring for the Environment, Comforting Patients

Combining Our Strengths, Applying Best Practices

Serving Our Communities, Supporting One Cause

Caring for the Environment, Comforting Patients

Combining Our Strengths, Applying Best Practices

Serving Our Communities, Supporting One Cause



The Better Choice for National Healthcare Laundry


The Healthcare Linen Alliance has a combined size, scale and coverage that allows us to help drive down overall costs for customers. We are one of the largest commercial healthcare linen services providers in the nation. We are focused on environmental best practices; saving an estimated 460,400,000 gallons of fresh water annually. Every Alliance member has a track record of success in the communities they serve. Our customers count on us for quality, cleanliness and cost savings.

Seven leading regional healthcare li­­­­­­nen service providers comprise the Healthcare Linen Alliance, including Century Linen & Uniform, Ecotex, Emerald Textiles, Logan’s Healthcare Linen Systems, Paris Healthcare Linen Service, Superior Health Linens and Up To Date Laundry. Dedicated to cleanliness and environmental responsibility, we provide high quality, top-tier service with a focus on driving down overall costs for our customers.




Combining Local Strength with Greater Reach


The Healthcare Linen Alliance is made up of seven leading local healthcare linen and laundry service providers, each with their own style and identity, joining forces to provide the best of what they offer to a larger audience. Along with that diverse style and identity, they share a common dedication to best practices and the highest standards of safety, customer service and cleanliness.


Founded 100 years ago, Century Linen & Uniform is a leading provider of healthcare linens in the Northeast region of the United States. The company is focused on easy reliable solutions for customers. Locally owned and operated, Century delivers hands-on linen service to healthcare operations, as well as linen and uniform services to hospitality and industrial customers throughout New York State. Patient linen for the company’s healthcare division is processed in a dedicated facility focused on infection control and cleanliness. The company is technology driven for the benefit of both its customers and operations and uses mobile handheld devices for delivery to streamline operations and create efficiencies. The company also incorporates RFID technology in various products and includes a portal so those items can be easily tracked. Century Linen & Uniform operates facilities in Gloversville and Johnstown with Service Centers in Albany, Syracuse and Potsdam all located in New York State.


EcotexEcotex has provided laundry and linen management services to hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and other medical facilities for more than 30 years. The company was founded in 1974 with an emphasis on commercial uniforms and work wear. In 1982, they expanded into contract healthcare laundry processing. In 1997 the family sold the workwear business to Cintas and today concentrates exclusively on textile services to the healthcare industry. Focused on delivering Smarter Linen Solutions to customers, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Corp. has become a leading provider of hygienically clean healthcare linen and laundry services to hospitals and medical facilities across the western United States and Canada. They provide a comprehensive range of general linen and operating room linen processing, management, and distribution services to large hospitals, medical clinics and other commercial accounts. Ecotex currently serves customers in Washington State, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Iowa, as well as in Canada.



Founded in 2010, Emerald now serves the majority of hospitals and health networks in San Diego, California and is rapidly expanding into the Los Angeles market. With an 111,000 square foot facility in San Diego and a service center in Riverside, Emerald is the leading provider of healthcare linen and laundry services in the area. Emerald features technological advancements throughout the plant as well as equipment to ensure environmental sustainability. Using gravity-enabled design and automation throughout the plant increases efficiencies and prevents unnecessary strain and risk to employees’ safety. The company provides the entire range of services needed by hospitals and clinics. Emerald currently serves customers throughout San Diego and Los Angeles as well as across the Eastern corridor to Palm Desert.


Logan’s Healthcare Linen Systems has provided outsourced healthcare linen and laundry services since 1925. Decade after decade of utmost reliability and efficiency has established us as the go-to resource in our industry and throughout our region — and the premier alternative to the on-premise healthcare laundry. The company’s 65,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility was purpose-designed and engineered for the healthcare industry, assuring the appropriate separation of soiled textiles and clean textiles at all times during the laundering and delivery process. Daily quality control processes and procedures follow guidelines that meet the healthcare laundry requirements established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). Logan’s is 100% focused on serving the healthcare community, 100% of the time and serves healthcare customers throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia.



Founded in 1918, Paris Healthcare Linen Service grew from a single retail store to become the largest independently-owned laundry and textile service company in Pennsylvania. With state-of-the-art processing and distribution facilities in Pennsylvania and Ohio, the company’s service area encompasses more than 4,000 customers across four states. Paris prides itself on its people who are experienced, professional problem solvers passionate about serving customers. Using the latest technologies and focusing on innovation Paris is customer focused and offers a “Measurably Better Customer Satisfaction Promise.” Paris Healthcare Linen Service serves customers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia.


Superior Health Linens was purchased by the current management and leadership team in December 2007. Since that time Superior’s customer-focused products, performance, and service have resulted in company growth from annual production of 24 million pounds to over 72 million pounds. In 2007 Superior had two plants, one in Madison and one in Cudahy, Wisconsin. Since then they have added facilities in Batavia, Illinois, two facilities in Joliet, Illinois, and their newest facility in Plover, Wisconsin was acquired in 2014. Superior focuses on customers, helping to keep costs down through product selections and tools that identify areas for improvement of linen and product utilization. The company also offers an expanded on-site distribution program ensuring streamlined processes and efficient processing that ensures the highest cleanliness. Superior Health Linens serves customers in a broad area covering over 29,000 square miles in Wisconsin and Illinois.


Up To Date Laundry began operations in Baltimore, Maryland in 1946 serving the local community as well as the ships arriving at the city’s harbor from New York and Virginia. Up To Date Laundry is one of the largest healthcare laundries on the east coast, processing close to 60 million pounds of healthcare linen each year. Serving the area for 72 years, the company offers rental and customer-owned-goods processing, as well as customized programs for hospitals in the area. Its non-acute division, Up To Date Healthcare, offers a full line of healthcare linen rental items for doctor’s offices, surgery centers, hospital off-sites, and nursing homes. The Up To Date Laundry processing facility is HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council) certified, TRSA Clean Green Certified, and Hygienically Clean certified. They are one of the largest woman-owned businesses in the Baltimore area and serve the greater Mid-Atlantic region.


Our Customers Say it Best



We’d like to congratulate Emerald Textiles on their Savings by Design Award, as well as their water-saving equipment and processes that are saving 40 million gallons of water a year for the county of San Diego. We are pleased to do business with a partner who is focused on sustainability and the environment. The Savings by Design Award demonstrates Emerald’s commitment to preserving resources in Southern California.”

~ John Cihomsky, V.P. of Public Relations, Sharp HealthCare 



The reason for our relationship with Paris is simple – we trust them. They have demonstrated without question a willingness to act as our agent and in our best interest at all times. This is a rare commodity, and they have been a real partner for Pinnacle. Paris brings attention to quality and integrity. They do what they say they are going to do.”

~ Philip Guarneschelli, Senior VP and COO, Pinnacle Health



Quality, on-time delivery is critical to successful operations in our hospitals and clinics. The Emerald Textiles Team has impressed us with consistent, on-time delivery and quality customer service. Our nursing and environmental services teams are confident that they will have the linens they need in the right place at the right time with Emerald.”

~ Norm Orth, Environmental Services Manager, Scripps Health



“Outsourcing with Paris Healthcare has decreased our costs and reduced the risk and headaches associated with running an in-house operation of the size we had, which was substantial. In addition, we have great customer service.”

~ Mike Felton, Materials Service Manager, Mercy Health



Sharp HealthCare has realized tremendous savings as a result of Emerald Textiles’ special Linen Management Program combined with their lighter, environmentally responsible products.”

~ Donna Serpico-Thompson, VP of Business Development, Sharp HealthCare



Emerald’s innovative programs and implementation of best practices influenced our decision to choose them as our exclusive healthcare linen services provider. Their commitment to innovation drives technological efficiency and streamlined operations, which in turn supports UC San Diego Health System’s goal of world class care.”

~ Greg May, Director Environmental Services, UC San Diego Health System


More than a ‘supplier’, and even more than a reputable service partner, Paris has become a key ally in our pursuit of efficiently serving our patients and enabling our staff to focus on and provide the best care possible. From the smooth transition in 2004 to today, we continue to make steady, annual progress in lowering our linen management costs. Over the years, key staff members, including myself, have developed close working relationships with a number of Paris personnel. They are caring professionals that we have come to trust and depend on.”

~ Scott Becker, CEO, Conemaugh Memorial Health System

Since switching to Emerald Textiles, problems associated with linen have disappeared and quality has greatly improved. Partners like Emerald, who we can count on to deliver, are invaluable to us.”

~ Vanessa Dimalanta, Supply Chain Management Director, Kaiser Permanente –   San Diego

The quality of the linens has just been superb…if we look at what we had paid in the past trying to do our own linen service, Logan’s has actually been able to provide us with a better product at a lesser price.”

~ Sheron Harper, Medical Center Franklin


I’m very up on Logan’s, I think they run a good company… their people are interested in trying to please and their workers have always been right on top of things for me… as far as delivery, it’s fantastic.”

~ Donna Fox, Parkway Rehab & Nursing Center


We get the best price, the best service and quality…they care, and that’s what we want…good patient care, good patient outcomes…I would recommend Logan’s to any colleague.”

~ Linda Bottorf, Baptist East Hospital


Our Service Areas


Alliance Members









We have a reputation for creating raving fans in the areas we serve.  Read what customers have to say in Fanfare.

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To stay ahead of the curve we identify and implement the latest technology, products and processes.

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Together, our alliance saves 398,970,000 gallons of fresh water every year. Cool right?

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Local Providers + National Reach =

A Better National Choice


We are leading local linen and laundry service providers joining forces to expand our reach



Patient safety, happy customers and environmental responsibility are at the core of what we do.



Using the latest technology equipment, products and programs we always deliver better results.


Why is the Healthcare Linen Alliance the better choice?

We are comprised of the top local linen and laundry service providers joining together to offer service across the nation and expand our individual reach. Each member brings local strengths while sharing best practices and a common devotion to patient safety and customer service so customers enjoy a consistent experience.

Alliance companies are entrepreneur-owned, with owners living in the communities they serve. Customers benefit from commitment to the community and a local approach as opposed to disenfranchised ownership at a central location. So personal service focused on cleanliness, patient satisfaction and comfort is the rule not the exception.



Hospital Beds Served Daily



Happy Employees



Hospital Sheets Washed Daily



On-Time Deliveries



Gallons of Water Saved Each Year

Solutions for Every Healthcare Linen Situation


Linen Rental Programs

The Healthcare Linen Alliance provides the full suite of bed linens, toweling, patient gowns, scrubs, medical apparel and incontinent products as well as reusable operating room linens for health care providers. We maintain a large inventory of general hospital linens and medical textiles that we procure, process, maintain and deliver as part of our complete linen rental program.
Have confidence knowing that your clinicians are being supported with linens laundered according to the highest cleanliness standards in compliance with all Federal, State and OSHA regulations.

Laundry Programs for Hospital Owned Linen (COG) 

In addition to our Linen Rental Program, we also provide linen processing services for Customer Owned Goods (COG). Your linens are identified, weighed in and washed separately. Our COG program is designed so your linens are batch processed independently, ensuring that your linens are properly returned to your facility.
Specialty linens owned by the hospital like slings, OB/GYN, sleep lab linen, etc. are processed in our Specialty Department. This allows us to offer special handling and laundry processing for individually tracked items.

Linen Management Software
Our onsite linen distribution service will help you cut costs by lowering your linen usage, and distributing the linen throughout your facility. Our full service distribution solution allows you to focus your time and resources on patient care.

Linen Awareness Programs
Linen Awareness Programs are part of the service we provide. Working with each facility’s teams we hold regular meetings and awareness days as well as provide trainings to educate nursing and hospital staff about the cost of improper linen handling. Working together, we consistently help customers save in overall costs.

Linen Distribution Solutions
Our onsite linen distribution service will help you cut costs by lowering your linen usage and distributing the linen throughout your facility. Our full service distribution solution allows you to focus your time and resources on patient care.

Proven Utilization Programs
Proven utilization programs help reduce linen usage by more than 10% in most customer scenarios. Many large health networks are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and in some cases over a million dollars to the bottom line. That’s less linen used and laundered which creates greater sustainability as well.

With our alliance, the whole really is better than the sum of its parts. Now, getting the attentive local service you want is more likely available to the hospitals in your health network.

Products for Safety and Comfort… In Every Scenario


Environmentally Friendly Reusable Underpads
  • Designed for moderate to heavy incontinence.
  • Constructed of a synthetic blend of polyester, which absorbs more fluid and dissipates moisture quickly which helps with patient comfort.
  • Consider Reusable Underpads to reduce costs and reduce waste stream impacts.

Patient Positioning Slider Sheets
  • Patient Positioning Sheets are constructed with a low-friction blue polyester bottom panel, which allows caregivers to reposition patients safely and easily.
  • Minimizes caregiver’s risk of injury when positioning a patient in bed, while reducing patient’s exposure to friction and skin shearing during the positioning process.
  • Designed with seamless edges to eliminate any raised surface under the patient and increase comfort.

Fall Prevention Gowns
  • Fall Prevention Gowns are a special patterned, yellow color IV gown, which provides caregivers with a clear, but discreet, identification of fall risk patients.
  • Falls make up the largest single category of reported incidents in the healthcare setting. Up to 50% of the patients are at risk for falls.
  • Falls are the leading cause of injury related death in people over the age of 65.

Microfiber Mops
  • Microfiber Wet Mops are made up of twisted fibers for durability and performance.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic.
  • Prevents dirty mop heads from contaminating cleaning solution.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Improves germ and bacteria removal. EPA studies have proven that 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses can be removed from surfaces using only water.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths will:
    • Reduce solid waste.
    • Reduce water use.
    • Reduce Chemical use.

Microfiber is densely constructed polyester and polyamide (nylon) fibers about 1/16 the thickness of a human hair. It holds six times its weight in water, making it more absorbent than conventional cleaning products.

Isolation Gowns
  • Reversible.
  • 360 Degree with wrap around coverage.
  • V-Neck.
  • Easy access waist closures.

Patient Gowns
  • Our patient gowns are designed to solve the challenge of “Double Gowning,” which is when a patient requires two patient gowns for coverage.
  • Reversible.
  • 360 Degree with wrap around coverage.
  • V-Neck.
  • Easy access waist closures.

Recyclable Soiled Linen Bags
  • Fluid resistant.
  • Odor resistant.
  • Marked with “Soiled Laundry.”
  • 100% Recyclable.

The Right Combination of Technology, Cleanliness and Compliance.


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